Sell or Trade In Video Games

Sell or Trade in Video Games

Sell or Trade in Your Video Games Online

We will always buy your good condition, used video games!

  • You can get cash or a store credit
  • Trade-ins for store credit receive more cash

How Do I Sell or Trade My Games Online?

  1. Send us an email to or fill out our contact form.
  2. Include your list of games and what system they are for.
  3. Include if they are cartridge only, complete with box and manual, box only, manual only etc.
  4. Photos of what you are trading also help to get a more accurate value.

We GUARANTEE we will pay you more for any item we accept than EB Games or any of our other competitors will!  

Cash for mailed in items is processed using electronic e-transfer or PayPal.* Pricing is subject to condition, stock on-hand, completeness, turn-over estimation and many other factors.  We do our best to explain the pricing that we provide but please feel free to question anything that is received and unclear.

We Will Pay For Your Shipping

If the total value of your trade-in is over $150 we’ll even pay for your shipping to get them to us! (Canada only)